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Each adventure, no matter what part of the world you are exploring, requires a certain mentality and forethought, regarding what to pack and what is right for that particular environment.

Paris is tricky. While in Amsterdam or Lisbon, your slouchy Adidas sweats might go unnoticed, in Paris they will stand in the way of decent service in a classy bistro.

The city wreaks of beauty, grace, and aesthetic perfection, like a fairy tale. Yves Saint Laurent And Friends. This might seem unreasonable, but Parisians react favorably to visitors who dress as though they have significant respect for the sophistication of the city.

However, with a little thought and a slight tweaking of your wardrobe, you will find yourself suitably dressed for any outing, without forsaking comfort and your own personal style.

Sweatsuits, unless you are a svelte model on your way to a shoot, should not be worn outside the hotel room. Svelte models, please ignore this advice.

You can actually wear anything you like. White tennis shoes, even if new, seem to immediately infuriate all restaurant and shop personnel.

If you have already purchased a pair of deliciously clean white sneakers, thinking that you have made a wise choice for trekking the French capital, return them immediately.

Sneakers have become quite acceptable on the streets of Paris, just not white ones. But with tons of uneven pavements and cobblestones, who wants to walk around in a pair of heels all day?

For both men and women, many footwear companies offer lines of comfortable casual-wear that are hip and more dressy.

They used to be a no-no, but now they are oui-oui! Jeans have achieved haute couture status due to techniques such as special washes, enabling a brand new pair to look just like the worn and tattered ones you threw away when you were a hippie.

Straight-legged, bell-bottomed, chartreuse, grey and even, yes, blue jeans are hot. If you are a jeans person, bring along a pair that is flattering, stylish and comfortable.

Leave the funky looking ones with the saggy butt at home. Now, what about shirts. Shirts that have buttons, for example. Many travel companies specialize in clothing that is wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying and fashionable.

It is quite easy to build a simple, wardrobe with a few interchangeable pieces to go from day to night. A couple of basic travel-friendly shirts that can be dressed up with a sweet piece of jewelery or a scarf , or simply buttoned a bit higher for the men, might be all you need.

Check out these sites for inspiraton: www. Switch that fanny pack out for something else…anything else. Real men do carry shoulder bags and some have straps long enough to cross over the chest.

Women must make tough footwear choices. Those strappy little evening sandals are gorgeous, but walking in them is pretty much out of the question.

Nasty blisters, aching arches, is it worth it? When you get to be a certain age, the answer is, no!

Nowadays, both American and European shoemakers are coming up with feminine designs, made for walking. Soft soles, cushioned innards, pretty dyed leathers, not to mention the ubiquitous ballet flat, which has made a comeback.

Those can be worn day or night, with jeans or dresses.

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