Narcos Review

Narcos Review „Narcos: Mexico“ auf Netflix: Druglords dieses Landes, vereinigt Euch!

Narcos: Alle Reviews. Hier findet Ihr sämtliche Kritiken, die wir bislang zu der Serie «Narcos» verfasst haben. Außerdem könnt Ihr Eure Meinung zu der. Gut zwei Jahrzehnte nach seinem Tod fasziniert Pablo Escobar wie nie zuvor. Neben der Netflix-Serie "Narcos" wurde er von Benicio del Toro dargestellt,​. In 10 Folgen à 50 Minuten wird die wahre Geschichte des kolumbianischen Drogenboss Pablo Escobar erzählt. Dies ist auch der Knackpunkt. Im eigentlich als Staffel 4 geplanten Ableger von „Narcos“ beleuchtet und fiktionalisiert „Narcos: Mexico“ den Aufstieg des Guadalajara-Kartells in den Achtzigern – und damit einen Reviews Serien / TV. In Staffel 2 von „Narcos: Mexico“ sehen wir Drogenboss Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo zehn Stunden lang dabei zu, wie er sich selbst ins Abseits.

Narcos Review

Kritik: Als „Narcos“ das Licht der Welt erblickte, wurde die Netflix-Produktion schnell als die „Pablo Escobar-Serie“ bekannt. Der hoch. In Staffel 2 von „Narcos: Mexico“ sehen wir Drogenboss Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo zehn Stunden lang dabei zu, wie er sich selbst ins Abseits. Narcos: Alle Reviews. Hier findet Ihr sämtliche Kritiken, die wir bislang zu der Serie «Narcos» verfasst haben. Außerdem könnt Ihr Eure Meinung zu der.

The long and often complicated story of Pablo Escobar is portrayed simple and effective for viewers not to get lost in what is going on.

Congrats to Netflix for such a powerful, incredible production. I would recommend this show to all my friends and anyone looking for a great show to watch.

This is one of the best shows I've seen in a while. Can't wait for the next season to come out! Was this review helpful?

Sign in to vote. As a native Colombian, born and raised in Medellin in and victim myself of the Pablo Escobar era, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with the show!!!

Sksjdjdjdufirjfjfifrior difjrirjfjfkririfrjrjrkf. Incidentally, I saw an ad for Narco on YouTube, and instead of skipping the ads like I normally do, I played this one out because I was genuinely excited for what I was watching.

Instantly I jumped onto Netflix and I was not disappointed. This is a truly gripping show, one of the best I've seen this year.

The characters and acting are done well and the storyline moves at a fast enough pace to get your adrenalin pumping for the whole episode.

My only fear was that it would be too generic of a Crime drama, but those feelings were quickly swept away. This is truly an original and thoroughly planned out TV show with a whole lot of heart.

Maybe the best on Netflix at the moment. Narco doesn't disappoint with any aspect of the show. It's exciting and fast paced, but above all, it makes you want to keep coming back for more.

This is such a quality production. Its cinema quality in every aspect. I've seen two episodes so far but if this show keep this up I give it an even higher grade.

Netflix is now really starting to compete with HBO and this is much better than Netflix anchor House of Cards for example.

Now I don't like shows that glorify and make the criminals heroes, but I don't think this series does that. Escobar is a ruthless person but still his a family man in some ways.

Whats good with Narcos is that it portrays both side of the law. If it would only show it from Pablos perspective it wouldn't be as interesting.

This is a very classy production. Everything from the DEA-detective who is the narrative voice to the quality of the camera work.

The actors are spot on and the scenes are amazing. I nearly feel that I'm in the Colombian jungle and the hot humid air touches me through the screen.

I just love series nowadays. You can transport you self to nearly every situation of life and follow character for a long time. And they really use the advantages of series if you compare it to film.

Since movies have become nothing but shoot-em-ups and comic books television has emerged as the way to get great drama to adults. Narcos is a tale that everyone knows today, but the storytelling of this series is done with great visuals, interesting casting and a storytelling format which I love.

Using the protagonist as the voice over narrator gives this series the feel of Goodfellas or Casino two of my favourite movies by the way.

Its extremely watchable and kept my attention the whole time. The scene with Pablo Escobar on the bridge was stunning.

A worthwhile watch, if you have interests in things other than comic books. It's beautiful , this's the way TV-series should be directed and produced, i loved the fast pace of the series from the first minute till now i haven't skipped anything or felt bored.

The narration way of the story from the first beginning adds another depth to the story. It shows you scenes from the future then gets to the present to elaborate how we reached that point.

The cast is great , probably you haven't seen anyone of them before , but sure as hell they can act , they are able to deliver the feeling they have so you can interact with them.

Simply , a masterpiece. S : Netflix has always been picky about its series, that''s why it's my favorite network.

Needless to say, while preparing to start up the pilot, I continuously tried to imagine how can this series give us something original or even something that will make us say "Hey, this isn't a cheap knock off of something.

I was profoundly surprised. Netflix has done it again. They managed to present the show in a way that includes every positive aspect of the two aforementioned series.

The narrative style also gives it a different aspect which helps the viewer engage in a more positive way. The cast seems to be very specifically chosen since the roles don't even make you question the legitimacy of the actors.

I would say that this looks promising although I am yet to finish the series to be able to give my final word. Definitely a series you should watch if you are into this kind of thing.

Kudos again, Netflix. Tomadour 28 August Having seen all Padilha movies, I was anxious to see this new Netflix series and had great expectations.

He did it again. I cannot stop watching. One episode after another. OK if the cast is not Colombian. But they are all good actors and play the parts very well.

I will try to finish this weekend all the episodes but i think there will be more seasons. Best series of the year so far.

The action is great. The scenarios are perfect. The 's atmosphere is awesome. I hope they will make more series like that in the future.

Good real stories and perfect action and direction. I could not expect less from Padilha. RobScott 29 March Narcos is such a great show it's hard to explain just how good it really is.

Wagner Moura and Pedro Pescal lead an amazing cast who suck you right into the show. There have been a lot of shows about drug cartels but this is without a doubt the best and it's bit close!

It really is addicting once you start watching and you get used the subtitles pretty quick. Binged all 3 seasons and Mexico in 2 weeks.

It's so good you just can't stop watching! TO all Colombians complaining of Moura's accent: get a life. Did you really expect all of the guys to be playing their characters with perfect accents?

I'll give you a tip: this show wasn't made for Colombian audience, but for worldwide audience. And they sound great to me :- The portrait of Medellin seems quite good, and the only reason I'm not giving 10 stars is Murphy's annoying voice narrating even the simplest events, like if we couldn't see it.

Pascal, Padilha and Moura did a great job, but all the actors playing small characters were also good.

If you like History, DOcumentaries, series and besides all, a little bit violence, then, you're gonna love Narcos.

There are very few series that deserve to be considered great. This could well be up there. It's based on the true story of Pablo Escobar.

The series hasn't gone down the English with columbian accents route, they have used Spanish with subtitles. For me it just adds to the authenticity of the series!

Pablo's part is played effortlessly by the Brazillian actor Wagner Moura. He seems born to play the part! So if you don't like that style, you will be disappointed!

It get's a 9 because NO series can ever be perfect! ETZ 11 July Loved it from start to finish. I did not care that I spent most of the time reading English subtitles, this entire series left me wanting and wishing I could speak Spanish.

It's simply superb! Not once was I bored, I did not want this to finish, I knew nothing about Pablo's life, but man, what a life he lived.

You have to see this to believe it! At one point in Episode 7 the new president of Colombia says to a group of US officials trying to have him accept more aid to hunt Escobar, " tons of cocaine were consumed in the United States last year.

Perhaps if your resources were focused at home we'd all be better off. He hits the bullseye. Netflix gives us yet another reason to stay out of the cine multiplex with this slightly fictionalized but excellent new series.

It takes most of the pertinent action right out of the history from this sad era of Colombian and American history. The story also colors way outside the lines of the Manichean version of the Drug War most Americans have swallowed hook, line, and sinker since Uncle Ronnie started feeding it to us back in his presidency.

I wish that he would send his Spanish teacher over here to teach me because he speaks it very well. I'm sure native Colombians can tell that he's not one of them but I can't.

Besides that he is a dead ringer pardon the expression for Pablo. Unflinchingly brutal and set at a desperate pace this is one of the best crime dramas I've seen in a long time.

The structure is almost like a documentary in concept with a voice-over by one of the principal DEA agents on the scene.

I am only a few episodes into this and already hoping for another season—a very high compliment.

This series is vastly superior to the Benicio del Toro Escobar film which was pretty awful.

Nancy DeWolf Smith Aug 27, Season 1 Review: The omniscient-narrator device works very well for a complex story spanning many years and varied sets of players.

Liz Shannon Miller Sep 2, Season 2 Review: The show has figured out how to balance its ostensible heroes.

Nick Schager Aug 30, Fortunately, employing its tried-and-true aesthetic--a docudrama visual approach; portentous narration; real-life documentary footage inserted into key moments--it hits its stride in Episode 4.

Chris Cabin Sep 1, Season 2 Review: There are potent and provocative ideas that lie frustratingly dormant throughout this series, which seems to be just happy to play a competent but only occasionally compelling Michael Mann riff.

User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. One of the best tv series I've watched. All three seasons were unmissable Diptanshu May 24, Literally one of the greatest Adapted Biography Show Ever!

Each and every episode is well adapted! Overall this series is literally surprising and Masterpiece it's really one of the greatest Biography show!

Kuggz Feb 20, Amazing show that starts with an engaging intro song that gets me pumped every time I hear it.

Great acting, atmosphere, music, everything you would want if they made a Scarface like tv show. Only docked a point because like most Netflix shows the episodes are too long and a little air gets Amazing show that starts with an engaging intro song that gets me pumped every time I hear it.

Only docked a point because like most Netflix shows the episodes are too long and a little air gets sucked out of the drama.

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This is a very classy production. Top Box Office. Unsolved Mysteries. Log In. Would like to Give 1st Rank to Pablo among all series. The Palace in Flames. Narcos is an intriguing and entertaining series. It takes most of the pertinent action right Spielothek in Reppentin finden of the history from this sad era of Colombian and American history.

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Kritik: Als „Narcos“ das Licht der Welt erblickte, wurde die Netflix-Produktion schnell als die „Pablo Escobar-Serie“ bekannt. Der hoch. Find NARCOS - Die komplette Serie (Staffel 1 - 3) at Movies & TV, Reviewed in Germany on January 4, Translate review to English. - The show looks at the life and crime of Pablo Escobar from two Narcos Netflix Season 1 Review - Narcos Pablo Escobar Show Fernsehserie. Xbox One-Review: ¿Plata o plomo? - OutNow hat «Narcos: Rise of the Cartels (​)» für dich getestet. There have been a lot of Beste Spielothek in Heilig Blut finden about drug cartels but this is without a doubt the best and it's bit close! Yep, the war is fair in this way, everyone is made of fresh and blood and no one is more significant than the others, when it's time for you to die, you. More From The Verge. I could not expect less from Padilha. Click here maybe it's just agent Murphy that I had problem. See all Audience reviews. Simplya masterpiece.

Narcos Review Im Guadalajara-Kartell vereinten sich die Drogengeschäfte Mexikos

In nicht linearer Abfolge wird, untermalt von einigen Originalaufnahmen, der kometenhafte Aufstieg Escobars erzählt. Kolumnen DVD-Rezensionen. Review der Pilotepisode 1x01 Narcos, das neue Netflix-Drama über den Aufstieg des berühmt-berüchtigten Drogenbarons Pablo Escobar, legt mit seiner ersten Episode einen starken Auftakt hin please click for source zieht uns sofort in die faszinierende Remarkable, Feelsgoodman.Jpg rather des aufblühenden Kokainhandels zum Ende der Gonewild.Com finde ich die Serie ja auch nicht. Montag, den 4. Zur Startseite. Dank Mouras versierter und überzeugender Darstellung stört dies aber wenig. Die himmlische Joan Dollhouse Dr.

Narcos Review Video

Narcos Review Im Fokus stehen dabei die zwei amerikanischen Drogenfahnder, die damals tatsächlich hinter dem Drogenboss Pablo Escobar her waren. Castle: Charakter, Jerry Video Slots Online Spiele Patti - Teen. KG, Kopernikusstr. Partner von. Narcos, das neue Netflix-Drama über den Aufstieg des berühmt-berüchtigten Drogenbarons Pablo Escobar, legt mit seiner ersten Episode einen starken Auftakt hin und zieht uns sofort in die faszinierende Welt des aufblühenden Kokainhandels zum Ende der Review der dritten Staffel 3x10 Der König ist tot, lang leben die Könige! Review der 1. Der König ist tot, lang leben die Könige! Pablo Escobar Wagner Moura und sein unendlicher Reichtum. Worum geht es? Dass sich Narcos Review diesem Spiel mit dem Feuer eine dunkle Faszination entwickelt, welche auch zu Eiden Zwischenahn erwähnten Spannung führt, ist klar. Zur Startseite. Wobei ich positiv anmerken muss, dass ich erst durch die Serie über Escobar und die krassen Ereignisse damals informiert wurde — ich hab was gelernt ;- antworten. Wir setzen bei myFanbase Cookies ein, um dir bestimmte Funktionen auf unser Website bereitzustellen, die Leistungsfähigkeit der Website zu verbessern und dir auf dich zugeschnittene Werbung anzuzeigen. Es kann und soll offenbar keinen echten Ausgleich zu Pablo Escobar geben, was auf Dauer etwas eintönig ist. Wir feuern Massenmörder wie Dexter an oder hoffen, dass Mafiabosse entkommen, wie in den Sopranos. Fotogalerien Starttermine Deutschland. Fest steht aber, dass das Material für die zweite Staffel nicht gerade üppig ausfällt. Mexiko in den Achtzigern. Übrig bleiben die letzten 16 Monate für die zweite Staffel.

Ana de la Reguera as Elisa. Gabriela de la Garza as Diana Turbay. Joanna Christie as Connie Murphy. Stephanie Sigman as Valeria Velez.

Luis Guzman. Jason Chad Roth as Technician. Paulina Gaitan as Tata Escobar. Maurice Compte as Horacio Carrillo. Danielle Kennedy as Ambassador Noonan.

Richard T. Jones as DEA Agent. Juan Murcia as Juan Pablo Escobar. It's a worthy effort, to be sure, but worthy doesn't always equal entertaining.

Aug 28, Full Review…. David Sims. The Atlantic. Top Critic. Eric Deggans. David Hinckley. New York Daily News. Liz Shannon Miller.

Narcos [is] an electrifying new Netflix series. Nov 13, Full Review…. Matthew Gilbert. Boston Globe. For this hyphenated viewer, Narcos works, linguistic flaws and all.

Sep 16, Full Review…. Enrique Fernandez. Miami Herald. Oct 19, Full Review…. Stephen Marche. Esquire Magazine.

Narcos is power-packed, addictive and worth the ten hours you'll spend stuck to your screen. May 25, Full Review…. Ankita Chawla.

Mar 7, Full Review…. Julia Felsenthal. Jan 19, Full Review…. Joey Keeton. The Daily Dot. Kevin Yeoman. More than anything, Narcos is a fascinating character drama.

Scott D. Salt Lake Tribune. View All Critic Reviews Fascinating story, colourfully and stylishly told.

David B. Jun 15, Narcos magnificently changes the understanding of the American Television. Metin T. May 19, Brilliant Unique and amazing!

Great music and intro. The acting was iconic the Pablo's actor was well suited,love the bonding of Steve and Pena and other characters like in gangs and family members and the m group it was good!

Overall its a amazing start to unique series this season is a Masterpiece! Diptanshu G. Mar 22, Joseph E.

Dec 28, Would like to Give 1st Rank to Pablo among all series. Hardattsinh R. Dec 23, The good thing about this show is that its pretty historical true.

It has something like a story teller and they show lots of real crime scenes photos. Worth watching. Ivan D. Oct 29, Jatinder S.

Oct 16, Great first season! The acting and the beautiful cinematography are highlights from the first season of Narcos.

I look forward to seeing how the show progresses into future seasons. The direction and writing could use a little improvement, but overall, a compelling series to watch.

Luke G. Oct 13, More chilling and Addictive!! Brilliant show! And Wagner Muora's acting was Spectacular!!

Adil R. Oct 12, The best show from Netflix. Ivan R. See all Audience reviews. Video Game Movies Ranked 43 ranked worst to best.

Best Netflix Series and Shows What to watch right now. Go back. More trailers. Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. The Sinner. I'll Be Gone in the Dark.

The Woods. Unsolved Mysteries. I May Destroy You. Perry Mason. Doom Patrol. Lenox Hill. Love, Victor.

No Score Yet. In some ways, this helps balance the combat - I cannot tell you the number of times I've brute-forced a turn-based boss fight by sequentially targeting my entire team on one enemy - and it also makes things decidedly trickier, especially if you're operating across numerous deployment zones and your squaddies are lacking back-up.

There's the prerequisite story mode that takes you through the events of Narco's first season, and a number of side missions that can help pad out your virtual wallet and skill tree.

Progress is tracked via a war room in which you'll have access to a map, intel board, and roster, the latter of which you can use to adjust your team according to the demands of your foes.

At critical points, Rise of the Cartels even delivers a little of the third-person shooting action I had been expecting.

Unlocking additional skills - such as the ability to counteract assaults in real-time - occasionally offers the chance to finish off a member of the cartel or DEA, depending upon which team you're batting for on the fly.

Mechanically, these slow-motion sequences are floaty and frustrating and hamper more than they help, but occasionally you'll luck out and take down a foe before it's your turn.

Emphasis on occasionally, though. Traits and Actions do help jazz up the gameplay quite a bit, too. Cop Reyes, on the other hand, can store an additional Counteract point, as well as automatically reload his weapon the first time he misses an attack which they all do, of course.

A LOT. Trouble is, investing skill points in anyone other than Murphy - who triggers a mission failure screen if he dies and forces a do-over - is a gamble, and it's difficult to become emotionally invested in any of Murphy's supplementary team given they're easily - if not cheaply - replaced by the next cookie-cutter copper ready for selection.

That said, if you don't throw them a skill point or two now and again you risk sending under-levelled agents into the fray.

It won't be long before you'll realise default max health and movement capacities just aren't enough to keep your squadmates safe in the long-term.

The turn-based action inevitably slows things down, though, and moving your cursor around the grid system is sticky and imprecise. You're also forced through a couple of side missions before you can proceed with the main campaign and while that might not be a sackable offence, it feels very much like its merely a way to pad out the game's length and artificially truncate your progress.

Though, admittedly, expectations might have been a little low, Narcos: Rise of the Cartels is surprising in all the right ways. Its loading screens offer a stunning blend of animation and FMV straight from the show, and while the in-game graphics don't quite share the same slick polish and the combat can feel a little stale, Narcos: Rise of the Cartels is a thoughtful, unusual take on Escobar's legacy.

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